Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Around the Living Room and a Sign

Happy Wednesday, peeps! 

I am sharing a few additions around the house and a fun sign that we had made for our family room   from Taryn over at Between You and Me.

When Tara asked what I'd like on the sign I instantly knew I wanted "The Creed" (based on the Apostles' Creed) by Hillsong. If you haven't heard this album yet, it's a must! 

Tara was so sweet to offer my readers a discount for any sign in her shop. You can see more and even have a custom one made just for you so take a look. There are SO many great ones to choose from.

I added some new pillows to the sofa and a rug from Rugs USA to add texture and a bit of warmth to the space. For those of you who don't know, we moved into a foster cottage community almost two months ago and it is indeed a cottage in all sense of the word so designing a space that works for our family has been a bit challenging, but fun.

I shopped a few of my faves for decorative pieces for the pillows and decor from Nordstrom Home to my local fave Haystack Antiques and even Goodwill which is always fun and budget friendly of course.

And remember that TV stand dilemma and the photo I shared as inspiration a few weeks back? Well, the stand that the hubs and I finally agreed on came and we couldn't be happier with the quality and durability of our first official purchase from Joss and Main.

So what do you guys think? I really am having fun and enjoying the way things are coming together over here. And see that table up there? Well, I made it. Come back on Monday to see how we made that happen! You won't believe what I used to do it!

Don't forget to hop over to Between You and Me for a special discount on one of her amazing signs. Just use RESTORATIONHOUSE15 as the coupon code. 

Have an absolutely amazing rest of your week, friends! 


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Friday, September 12, 2014

Black and White and Bronze All Over | OFFICE INSPIRATION

Um. Okay. So I am admitting it. Right here. I MAY be slightly addicted to Polyvore. 
It is by no means a professional program for design but for novices like me it comes in pretty handy. 
Insert my office inspiration. 

I am in love. {Of course I am!}
Are you curious about the total cost of this space? 
Are you ready?
Yep, 6,000 smackeroos. 
But, ya'll know I can make this look happen for way less than that. Hence, the keyword...INSPIRATION. 

This, however, is my inspiration for our office and it will be the next space in our home that I organize and style after I am,, content with our living room. 

Anyhow, let's talk about this space and why it's right up my alley. 

Should I go ahead and state the obvious? The antlers. 
I've already talked about my affinity for these and how I believe that no room is complete without a good set. 

I really love the mix of modern touches with a bit of an eclectic and vintage vibe. I like that these aspects, in any space, give it warmth and add personality and character to a room without becoming too overwhelming. 

And I LOVE this antique cabinet. Did I mention that I love this? Wouldn't something like this be great for all the millions of craft items we know all of us have and need to store? I have a piece that I talked about here that I believe would look great refinished in this color and maybe even adding some brass hardware to kick it up a notch. 

How about we talk about the wallpaper for a minute. This print is from Dwell Studio and runs about $75.00 per roll. This item would be one that I just might be willing to splurge on as it would add so much drama to the office and since I would just use it on one small wall, it really wouldn't break the bank. 

There's just so much I love about this space. From the punch of color to the cool neutrals and textures in the rug, I have a feeling this one will be a show stopper. 

That is, once I am able to check the other dozen items off of my list. Ha! 

Sure hope you all are enjoying your Friday and are planning on the best weekend ever! 
We are expecting warm weather and blue skies here in Seattle. You can bet we will be taking full advantage of it all while it lasts. 


Monday, September 8, 2014

The Weekend| Special Open House | A little DIY

Happy Monday guys! 

So if you all follow me on Instagram, you know that I made mention of our weekend and a special event that I was blessed to help style for some special friends of ours who are now pastoring Zoe Church  (A21 affiliated) located in Bulgaria. 

Because of time and just hectic schedules I needed to keep this as simple as possible but I wanted it clean and classy as well. 

Have you guys heard of the A21 Campaign? 
You can read more about it  and all the amazing lives being changed through their efforts here

In a nutshell, A21 began about 5 years ago after recognizing that there was a huge gap in the fight against human trafficking specifically in Europe which is their target area. The organization has made great strides in this fight in it's short 5-year lifespan and I was so excited to support not only our friends Noah and Andrea but to create an environment for others to learn, reconnect and give as well. 

I was SO blessed to be able to be a part of this and set the atmosphere for such beautiful people. It was truly an honor and I absolutely enjoyed each and every minute of it. 

I'll be sharing more about these signs, the inspiration behind them and how you may be able to have the chance to bring hope and freedom to others through them! 

She's probably going to kill me but I love this pic of Andrea and Noah. They have such great personalities and are an amazing couple. 

After our last goodbye at the open house, our family packed up and headed over to a friend's house for her son's bday party! I've told THIS FRIEND a few times (as well as others) the she should blog. She loves food, entertaining, decorating, shopping, people, her family, Jesus and she is pretty good at it all...what else does she need to inspire others?

Anyhow, we were there for a few hours and packed a ton of fun into that time. She and her family own a home on the lake here and the theme for the party was "camping" so the night was full of lots of water activities, s'mores, fire and lounging! 

I think she really did such a great job putting it all together, don't you?

And apparently Grayson and had absolutely NO fun! 

Hop back over on Wednesday as I will be sharing a quick, fun DIY on that black and white table runner from the open house and details on the word art! 


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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ENCOURAGE | Unexpected Lessons from London 2013

Yesterday I decided to take a few minutes to start organizing a few things since the kids were back in school and I have a whole list of things that I need to get to before the end of the year. One of those things (and one of the easiest) is organizing my folders and pictures on my computer. I know that may sound a little unimportant to some of you but for me, it's kind of a big deal. 

I had so many unnecessary folders and pics that needed to be properly stored and filed away. It felt really good to put a dent in it. Anyhow, as I sifted through and rearranged, I stumbled upon some pics from my trip to Europe last year that I took with some members of my extended family. 

In June of 2013 (some of you may remember) I took my first trip to Europe and I was SO excited as it had been on my bucket list for years. First, I needed to overcome my fear of flying for more than a few hours. Yes, I am one of those. Hate flying. But, more about that later perhaps. 

As I looked through the photos I realized that the trip to Europe meant more than just time with loved ones, sightseeing and shopping but what it represented most to me was a much bigger picture. As we toured castles and mansions, English countrysides and world wonders, and marveled at the richness of the history in a land that stretched centuries beyond our own here in America. It was wonderful. 

We spent a total of 10 days touring London, the English Countryside and Paris. It was quite the trip and a bit of a whirlwind but so fun! 

I honestly never thought taking a trip to Europe with family would be a spiritual (if you will) experience in the least. I was excited about having a getaway and shopping my butt off but it really became so much more. I brought back more than just memories and shopping bags from Europe. This trip literally changed my life and prepared me, unknowingly, for the trip to Hillsong London 2014 that some friends and I took this summer. I honestly had no idea when I would be back when we took the trip last year but it definitely set a fire in my heart in more ways than one. 

A few things I realized:

1.We were a military family for ten years and lived all over the U.S., traveled outside of the country a couple of times and lived in Hawaii but I still never really understood that the world is way bigger than the U.S. It sounds so simple but I never really understood what that felt like until last year. I mean, we know that and we all say it but it really held no ground for me until I left U.S. soil. There is just something about stepping out of your everyday routine, being surrounded by people outside of your culture and not involved in your everyday life that just makes you appreciate people of all walks even more. 

2. I have a deep, insatiable need and desire to see the world and offer hope to those U.S. and abroad. Yep. Surprise. I know that there are hundreds of thousands here in the U.S. who need to hear the message of hope that Christ gives but there are many more outside our country who need to feel, experience and know the love of Christ. He loves the world and so do I. I don't really know what the future holds but part of my heart is in that country. Forever. 

3. God is a designer. If you've been anywhere in Europe you know that even in the Medieval period and times they never skimped on design or materials. I was constantly in awe of the time they took, the blood they shed and the creativity behind all of the buildings, palaces and castles we toured. The cathedrals were my favorite as I was constantly reminded of how even more extravagant God's love and sacrifice was and is for each of us and that His inspiration was behind it all.

So, there you have it folks. A few unexpected lessons from London. I sure hope this inspires you to look at things (even at home) in a new and different way. Let's challenge one another this week, perhaps, to start just where we are and expect great things each day whether in our very own homes or out and about; finding joy in the unexpected. 

Happy Wednesday peeps! XO

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

INSPIRE | Simple Fall Vignette and Printable

This word has been on my mind a lot lately so when Kristen of Ella Claire Inspired asked if I would be interested in joining in on some Fall inspiration with some other blogger friends I knew this is what I would incorporate somehow. 

Don't you just love fall?
I love all it has to offer from the changing of the leaves to the crispy morning air. There is just something so special about this season. Growing up, fall also represented harvest and gathering for my family. 

Coming from a small town in Alabama, I grew up with the experience of everything a small town in the South offers as well. Fall mean reaping a harvest from the gardening I had helped my grandmother with the season before, visiting and exchanging vegetables and home canned goods with friends and neighbors and gathering with those same family and friends for lunch or dinner on Sundays to enjoy our harvest together. 

All of these memories collected are represented in this simple fall vignette I put together to inspire you in your own home. I've also recently become more interested in watercolor so you can click on this link to download your own "gather" inspired printable to display in your home. 

In the meantime, enjoy the pics for a bit of fall inspiration.

I sure hope you all are enjoying your week so far! 


To see more beautiful vignettes and download more printables visit these amazing bloggers' as well! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Style Change and Room Inspiration | Rustic. Ecelctic. Modern.

Just wanted to hop over and share a bit about our living/dining area makeover and how my style has changed just a bit since our last home.

I've always appreciated old things. Antiques. Vintage pieces. I love them all. These elements, for me, add quite a bit of warmth and meaning to a space and give it character like nothing else.

My antique love spreads further than just trend. I believe it's just part of who I am since I am, indeed, a Southern girl and if you've shopped antiques stores, vintage markets or fleas in the South, you know exactly what I mean.

This is a pic from our last home.

These pics were taken about a year after we moved in and before a coffee table but it at least gives you an idea of my style. A whole lot of traditional, farmhouse living going on in there. It's comfy and cozy for sure but when we moved into our new space, I just felt the need for a change. I still want to incorporate elements of the farmhouse style but mix in a bit more modern and rustic touches along the way.

This is a pic of our dining area. I posted one similar on Instagram a little while back. If you've followed me for any amount of time, you know that I am a sucker for neutrals and muted tones. It just makes for a calm, peaceful space for me. 

But, when we moved in here, something changed. 
Insert, said inspiration board...

As much as I think I am crazy for feeling this way. I love this space. I keep thinking there is no way I can have an eclectic gallery wall, little to no symmetry or color in our space but every time I think of going back to my old style it just doesn't feel right. 

I've decided this is it. And I am going for it. 

So, why does this space work for me?

  • The base of the design is neutral. From the rugs to natural wood, this space remains calm allowing for pops of color (need a paper bag, cannot believe I am even saying it) incorporation if desired. I've used a few modern elements like the metal finishes and lighting and pillow patterns to give the room a fresh, clean feel.

  • To add a bit of character and make the room feel more lived in, I will add vintage and antique pieces and you all know that no room is ever complete for me without an antler or two

  • I know this word has been used a lot lately but it's eclectic. And I like that. I've found that I love a lot of different styles and have had a hard time figuring out how to incorporated them all into one space. I went through a lot of boards before deciding on this one. Lots of deleting, reworking, etc. and this one stuck. 

I am SO excited about getting to work on this space for me and my family and cannot wait to share along the way with you guys! So, what's your home style? Has it changed recently and how have you decided to incorporate it into your life? Would love to hear!

Monday, August 25, 2014


Happy Monday, peeps! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! 
Just stopping by to share some quick peeks at a fun, new find and progress on our entry area.
Some of you know I've been coveting all the vintage card catalog cabinet and map drawers out there and hoping that one day the antiquing gods would shine down on me and bless me with a fabulous find. 

Well, Saturday the kids and I were out at a flea market in downtown Seattle where I found some really great stuff that I will be sharing in a post a bit later. I decided that I'd stop in at Haystack Antiques on my way home (one of my favorite antique destinations) and lo and behold, there she all her glory. 

These pics just show the cabinet top with no stand. We still have to pick that part up but I was just way to excited to leave it ALL at the shop and could only fit the top in the car with our four littles. It was quite comical actually! I am sure most of you hoarders, I mean, procurers out there can relate! 

The stand is a chippy, metal industrial piece and is a perfect fit for this cabinet. I have decided that I will refinish it, top and bottom, and cannot wait to get started but what do you guys think? 

Those spots on top didn't come that way. That'd be my handiwork to get a good look at the wood underneath the bad paint job. 

I absolutely love it. I don't think it will be white for long though. What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week! 

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ENCOURAGE | #thebeautyinside

Well, Happy Wednesday morning peeps! 
It's been almost a month since my last post. 
I really didn't intend it that way but with our recent move things just kinda happened that way. 
Why is that? 
We have moved a dozen times during our 13 years of marriage and somehow I believe this move would be a bit different. 

All in all, things were great for us with this transition but we are still unpacking and sorting through and cleaning out. I will give you all a bit of a tour and recap all of that in the next post perhaps but today, that's not the reason I write. 

Today, I am writing to tell you about something that I am SO excited to share with you all. 
If you follow me on Instagram you've seen me hashtag #thebeautyinside and you've maybe even noticed tagline in my profile beside the business name. 

I thought today was a perfect day to explain what #thebeautyinside is and the idea behind it all. 

Simply put, it's way more than just a hashtag or a way to find RHI on social media. It is a lifestyle. It is purpose. It is calling. It is the beginning of a walk and growth and acceptance of the amazing person you were created to be. 

#thebeautyinside is a journey to you. To me. To find the person that God has called you to be. To see yourself and, more importantly, your purpose on this Earth in a way you've never seen it before. May sound kinda cheesy but it all starts on the inside

Some of us don't have to dig too dip to find that woman that God has called us to be. To express to the world the freedom we've found in our gifting and encourage and release others to do the same. Some of us have been there. We've been through the wringer of life. We've sunken to the deepest, darkest places and encountered the everlasting, enduring, love of a Savior who seeks to release us from our brokenness and into freedom...for the freedom of others. {Galatians 5:1}

Years ago, I began a journey to find that woman. That woman who wasn't afraid to embrace who God created me to be. That woman that feels, knows, understands the undeniable, unbreakable, unshakable power of the LOVE of our Creator. That woman who spoke with confidence, without fear, to the hearts and minds of the brokenhearted, the hopeless, the trodden. 

Today, I don't sit and type this from a position of perfection but a position of freedom. Freedom to speak life into your situation. To speak life into your hearts. To speak hope to your soul. To breathe a breath of fresh air into

Beginning this fall, the journey to a more beautiful you begins. The best part? It really never ends. Freedom after freedom. Hurdle after hurdle. Laugh after laugh. Story after story, our lives continue to unfold and with each layer we become more beautiful, more creative, more thoughtful, more compassionate, more focused, more like Him, bringing out the beauty in us, others, the world. 

May we never lose our wonder. May we always seek and call out the beauty in others as we gather and join in purposes to bring glory to Him. Ladies, shall we?